New Year Lights: Frank Islam Message of Love and Peace


Khurram Shahzad(Washington): With 2022 knocking on our doors, there is no better way to remember our special friends and family members than with a thoughtful message or a Happy New Year card. Pandemic-bound homeowners got to work earlier than usual this holiday season, spending much more time and money on outside decorations than in previous years.

Frank Islam, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Civic Leader, and Thought Leader, decorated his home, which is one of the biggest houses in America, with a message “Let’s love, Not Hate One Another”. “Let us make the holidays a time for reflection, kindness, and generosity.  And let us make 2022 a year to “reach high” and “dream deep” in order to discover and take the actions necessary to create a better and fairer future for all. “, said Frank.

Frank Islam House - Night View
Frank Islam House – Night View

The Islam residence, christened “Norton Manor” for its Potomac street name, has, in the words of its designer , a “lower level entertainment space” featuring an entry hall, a lounge, a wine room, and a large room called “the bar.”

Frank Islam House
Frank Islam House

“In a few days, the curtain will fall on one of the most tragic years in the history of independent India. Not since the dark days of partition in 1947 have the nation’s streets witnessed death and misery of such a magnitude as they did in 2021. Compared to many other parts of the world, 2021 began on a somewhat optimistic note for many Indians. The country had seemingly warded off the Covid-19 pandemic and managed to prevent the kind of devastation that the US and many European nations witnessed in 2020.”, said Frank

This year Frank’s principal designer decided to overhaul the display of Frank’s entire house:


He has chosen the red, white, and green twinkling lights while keeping in mind the mood of the country, “a little bit more sophisticated and a little bit more magical,”.

When asked about his new year resolutions and thoughts for 2022, he said:

“Let us lift the spirit of the country through kindness and love. Let us make India and the world a better place.  To borrow a phrase from the great English poet William Wordsworth, let us do this through our “little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love”.

Finally, let us not further pollute the earth and its atmosphere. Planet Earth, this abode of ours, is a beautiful and unique spot in the universe. But for centuries, we have been defiling it through senseless use of its resources. We are fast approaching a point of no return. Before we reach that point, let us commit to doing everything possible to stop further degradation of the climate and environment.

In concluding, Frank Islam drew upon and shared a couplet from the sage of modern India, Rabindranath Tagore:

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you

Dream deep, for every dream, precedes the goal.