‘Zombie’ shark attacks prey just inches away from diver

In a terrifying episode of close encounter with an apex predator, a large ‘zombie’ shark attacked its prey just inches away from a stunned diver off the cost of Mexico.

Euan Rannachan, 36, was at Guadalupe island, about 125 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico, when the great white came within sight and lingered in the water.

The apex predator lingered around the filmmaker before attacking its prey.

Euan films from a metal cage hanging from a boat in order to get the incredible close-up.

The shark then swims to the top of the water before biting onto some bait and thrashing it around the water.

While swimming off with his prey, the shark quickly opens her mouth, showing off her razor-sharp teeth, before managing to gulp it down even further.

“I have seen this shark more than once, I don’t remember her name but she is a female that we had seen at the island before,” Euan said.